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About Us

Whether there is an urgent problem or major plans for renovation have to be implemented, we, at "Garage Door Repair Houston", will complete the job flawlessly within the shortest possible time.

Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Houston

There are many things our company can do for you! Our business is located in Texas and our residential garage door repair services cover the installation, maintenance and repair needs of all local citizens. We offer broken spring replacement, cable repair, sensor alignment, opener installation and many more services

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: W Loop S Fwy
Afton Oaks/ River Oaks, Texas
Zip code: 77027
Phone: 713-300-2506

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our garage door company provides residential services and emergency repairs. Our services include maintenance, inspections, installations and troubleshooting. Springs, cables, pulleys, brackets, hinges and tracks can all be fixed and replaced by our team. We are experts in opener services and offer emergency sensor repair

Whether there is an urgent problem or major plans for renovation have to be implemented, we, at "Garage Door Repair Houston", will complete the job flawlessly within the shortest possible time. Our company offers a full array of overhead door services designed to give homeowners convince, safety and security. We repair and replace hardware components, panels, openers and opener accessories. Our emergency service is speedy, effective and fully dependable. For the replacement of a door or the installation of an opener, our professional team is a top choice. With our maintenance service, every door system operates perfectly at all times.

It is our job to do everything for you and we do it exceptionally well. Our repair services are highly sought after because of the expertise and dexterity of our highly qualified technicians. Whether there is a need for spring adjustment or full garage door opener repair, we will provide it quickly on the spot and achieve top results. The use of advanced tools enables our specialists to work with the utmost precision while reaching high speed.

Our efficiency is a great time-saver and money-saver too

When the component is completely broken or damaged beyond repair, we provide full replacement with a new part, which has the same specifications, right away. Our professional team in Texas has direct access to all spare components which may be needed from garage door tracks, rollers, hinges, cables and springs to opener moving gears and remote controls. We take up replacement projects of all sizes including large ones which involve the installation of a new overhead door and electric operator. Speed, precision and effectiveness are the main reasons why our company is selected for such jobs.

With our expert maintenance service, every door looks fabulous and operates safely, securely and reliably. We take care of each and every component. Along with cleaning and lubrication maintenance, we provide repair and replacement to worn-out and damaged components to prevent further problems and serious accidents. Count on our specialists for everything which you need.

In our practice, we have noticed that it is not hard for people to tell when something is wrong. The automatic door starts performing poorly and can get quite annoying, especially if it makes strange noises. However, most users are not able to identify the precise cause of the problem. In this situation, it is important to turn to us and ask all questions which are important for you.

* How come the door is higher on one side? This problem has to do with the garage door cables. Usually, they are seriously worn-out and have to be replaced. Sometimes, however, there is a broken cable which has to be dealt with right away. In both cases, our team will provide quick and effective cable replacement.

* Can my overhead door be stuck because of a bent track? This is one of the major causes of this problem. When the track is bent the rollers cannot lead the door to its desired position. It is also possible for the issue to be due to freezing during the cold months or to obstruction to the moving components. Our crew will provide full inspection and the required repair, which will involve track replacement, if necessary.

Our garage door repair company in Houston is readily available to resolve these and other issues on an urgent basis or with scheduled appointment. We will ensure that the best technicians work for you. Along with helping customers get out of trouble, one of our major goals is to help them prevent as many problems as possible. This is achieved through the provision of effective maintenance. For instance, in order for steel panels to be protected from rust and other damage, they must be properly cleaned. Here is how it is done. 
* Big debris removal - With the use of a broomstick, all spider webs and other big debris pieces stuck on the garage door panels are effectively removed. Using water for them will just make them more difficult to deal with.
* Proper washing - The ideal cleaning solution is one cup of household detergent dissolved in five gallons of water. The use of a soft sponge for the removal of dust, dirt and grease is essential for preventing scratches to the panels. There is no need for hard rubbing in most cases. Working from the top down with gentle motion is the best way to get the job done.
* Thorough rinsing - The solution in the bucket is replaced with clean water. The sponge is rinsed first so that there are no traces of the detergent left. Then the panels are rinsed with the fresh water and the sponge from top to bottom.

With proper maintenance any system will last for longer, but when the time for garage door replacement comes, we will be there to do all the work from removing the old panels to applying weather seals on the new ones. Use our services with confidence.

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